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thBest Travel Blogs 51%

Audrey and Harry is one of the best travel websites on the web today. This couple has traveled seven continents. Learn tips on how to live a budget savvy lifestyle while going on some awesome adventure. Going on a trip and exploring the world is such an amazing experience as long as you know how to adjust, live your dream and have fun. 34%

Trine Handskemager

Trine is a jack of all trade, being a blogger, photographer, writer, SEO specialist, and editor of her own blog. She sets herself language challenges whenever she travels abroad. Nevertheless, her every adventures are always fun.
EmilyLuxton 7%

Emily Luxton

Emily’s passion for travel has made her an influencer in the field of travel blogging. She has received several awards and has been named as Travel blogger multiple times. Learn different travel styles and discover the beauty of every place by reading about Emily’s stories.
danishadventurer 5%

Bettina Arknæs

This is a travel site promotes local travels. Discover wonderful places that you did not know exist in your area and be inspired to pack your bags and get the tour. It is helpful for the local economy if people will appreciate local tourism.
Karen & Lone 1%

Karen & Lone

A beautiful blog that looks luxurious and yet inspiring. Read about Karen and Lone’s adventures and get tips about the best travel destinations outside Denmark.
rejsetanker 1%


Read travel stories and find inspiration with every article. The best travel advice is to save enough money first and create a travel fund for future use. If you are in search for the best places to visit, this blog is for you.
budgettraveller 1%

Kashyap Bhattacharya

This blog started out as an experiment wherein Kashyap could share his travel experiences and tips. This blog is considered to be one of the influencers in Europe being an expert travel blogger. Find inspirations here and enjoy reading his travel stories.
Reni und Marcel 0%

Reni und Marcel

Reni and Marcel left Switzerland to fulfill this couple’s dream of living and working abroad where they became digital nomads. This blog provides the best tips and inspiration for would-be travelers to make every trip worthwhile.
reiseinspiration 0%

David Grütter

This blog takes you to your dream destinations around the world. Learn to plan effectively for your trip to avoid overspending. Read numerous tips and find cheap travel booking here. This blog will help you to make your plans into an adventure.
etramping 0%

Cez and Agness

Agness and Cez started their travel adventure with a budget of less than $25 a day. And as they go on with their amazing journey, things got better and they started earning more. Learn to plan and prepare for trips with their tips and advices. Follow their blog now.
myfunkytravel 0%


Looking ways on how to prepare for a trip? This blog is for you. Know more about backpacking routes and budgeting with clear description of guidebooks and also the possible costs in every country with this blog. An informative blog worth reading.
indefiniteadventure 0%

Sam Wood

Sam and Zab have been traveling around the world for years and we are privileged to read about their adventures thru their blog. They also provide advice for those who plan to follow their footsteps. Check out their blog and discover amazing places.
thetravellingtom 0%


Meet a travel addict who documents and at the same time work around the world. Tom is not your average travel blogger for his blog showcases tips and insights on traveling, some tips about travel preparation as well as the most effective and cost efficient travel gears available on the market today. Read and follow his blog for more updates.
rexyedventures 0%

Ed Rex

Ed quit the corporate world years ago and begun planning his adventures. His goal is to travel around the world and share his fun journey with his readers to inspire and motivate. He writes about his life as a blogger and gives reviews and tips. Read about his unexpected travels and get to see the world by following his blog.
Best Budget Travel Blogs 0%

Aiden Joseph

This website provides some travel hacks and tips that we can use to minimize spending without sacrificing the joy we get from traveling to different places. Learn to plan itineraries and sticking to what was planned is the key to a successful travel adventure. Go crazy and have fun without spending much.
Best Budget Travel Blogs 0%

Justin and Tracy is a great resource for information and tips about travel. Read about Justin and Tracy’s trips to incredible places and be inspired. This is a unique blog for it is also a cultural travel blog. This couple talks about each place’s history, arts, music and culinary traditions. The images shown are all incredible and breathtaking. Readers and followers will definitely discover luxury places that can surprisingly be budget friendly.


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